New York Reparations Call to Action

🗽NY Residents

AT PRESENT for those living in New York, please help us improve the flawed legislation before it heads to the Governor for establishing a Task Force for Reparations that just passed the Assembly and is scheduled Monday, June 6, to go the floor and/or Senate by calling your local Senators and Assemblymen. A major flaw in the bill is that it does not require local advocacy grassroots organizations in the fight for reparations to also participate on the Task Force such as ourselves. All voices must be represented if this is to be a truly democratic process, and this issue is way too important to take shortcuts.

Please use the following link to find your New York State Senator 👇🏾

If you are in New York we also need you to go comment your opposition to this bill now! They will be working to pass this flawed non-lineage based, Pan-African controlled task force bill tomorrow. We need all hands on deck if you have a NY address!

🇺🇸 For those Outside of NY & NY Residents

For those persons not living in the State and residents, please call our Governor Kathy Hochul to express your condemnation of the bill in its current form and your support of the changes expressed above. Her phone number is (518) 474-8390. Option 3 then Option 2

Also, please follow us on Twitter @USFreedmenproj

🇺🇸 Legislators of Special Interest/Importance



📞Call Script, Email and Tweets

 📜 U.S. Freedmen Project Proposed Edits S7215 Bill